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Unlisted Stocks:

Unlisted Share are shares which are not registered with any stock exchange and therefore does not feature on any stock exchange list. Owners of such shares are deprived of the protection that the holder of a listed share enjoys from the stock exchange. These share are also very difficult to sell and carry a large risk. Usually, the more exchanges at which a share is listed, the greater is its liquidity.

unlisted stocks are those which are not listed on the stock exchange but hoping to list on the stock exchange in the future and there is a huge market of unlisted stocks in India

In case of unlisted stocks, you will have to find a buyer by yourself. This is because they are not listed on the stock exchange.
And this is the reason they are risky investments and many unlisted stocks are frauds. They are just the piece of papers and "On Paper" registered companies without any businesses.
People invest in them because brokers and so called financial advisors and expert friends tell them that they will give the highest returns and in the future they may list on the stock market but well, that day will never come.

None of these stocks ever get listed on the stock exchange because most of them are the scams.






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