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Company Overview

NCL Buildtek Ltd (formerly NCL Alltek & Seccolor Ltd.) is an unlisted public limited company. The NCL group company is engaged in the business of manufacturing and selling building materials including spray plasters, wall puttys, paints, skim coat, steel profiles, doors, windows and fly ash bricks. Today, NCL is India’s largest manufacturer of windows and spray plasters.

Some of the major clients of the company include L&T Techno Park, Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation, various govt. hospitals, Indira Gandhi International Airport NCC, Airport Authority of India (Delhi), Indian Railways, IIM Infra Ltd.

The company has one wholly-owned subsidiary: NCL ASL Services Pvt Ltd (FY 2021 Revenues: Rs 1.60 crores) and one associate concern: NCL Veka Ltd. (FY 2021 Revenues: Rs 154.05 crores).

Business Model

The Company is organized into three divisions namely:

  1. Coatings: The coatings division contributes around 25% of the total sales. NCL has collaboration with ICP Sweden to manufacture wall putties, textures, and wide range of emulsion paints. The company is the largest manufacturer of spray plasters in India.
  2. Window & Doors: The windows and doors division contribute nearly 50% of the total turnover. The company has done collaboration with KOS (South Korea), Veka AG (Germany), and SCHUCO (Germany) to manufacture pre-painted steel doors, windows, partitions, glazing, uPVC doors, windows & ABS doors etc.
  3. Wall Solutions: The wall division contributes remaining 25% of the total turnover of the company. NCL manufactures AAC blocks, dry-mix cement mortars & wide range of tile adhesives.

The company has 13 manufacturing plants and fabrication units located across Telangana (3), Orissa (1), Andhra Pradesh (4), Rajasthan (1), Uttar Pradesh (1), ,Maharashtra (1), Karnataka (1), Tamil Nadu (1) with a network of over 6 Depots C&F  Distributors servicing over 1500 dealers and hundreds of builders, Government departments (like Housing, MES, CPWD, defense, Infrastructure etc).

Registered Office

The registered office of the company is located at 5th Floor, NCL Pearl, SD Road, East Maredpally, Secunderabad, Telangana.

SymbolNCL Holdings (A&S) Ltd
Face Value₹ 10 each
Lot Size250

Board of Directors:

Ms. Rajni Anil MishraDirectorlinkedin
Ms. Madhu KalidindiDirectorlinkedin
Mr. Ashven DatlaDirectorlinkedin
Mr. Penumatcha Aditya Krishna VarmaWholetime Directorlinkedin
Mr. Satya Subram KapulaWholetime Directorlinkedin
Mr. Niranjan Reddy DevireddyDirectorNA Final 1
Ms. Kalidindi RaviDirectorlinkedin
Ms. Kamlesh Suresh GandhiDirectorNA Final 1
Mr. Subba Raju BhupatirajuManagingDirectorNA Final 1
Mr. Narasaraju KallepalliDirectorNA Final 1
Ms. Roopa BhupatirajuExecutive Directorlinkedin

Key Highlights

  • NCL Buildtek Ltd is India’s largest manufacturer of windows and spray plasters and well-diversified across 3 product categories: coatings, steel windows & doors and fly-ash bricks for walls.
  • The company is part of NCL group with diversified interests in cement and building materials products.
  • The Indian building material sector is expected to grow at around 15% CAGR over the next 3 years.


Operating Margin5%3%
Net Profit Margin3%-2%
Return on Equity8%-4%
Current Ratio1.141.26
Dividend Payout25%0%

Note:- Dividend payout = Total Dividend/Net Income.

It indicates, how much % of its Net Income, the company is paying out as dividend to its Shareholders.

Financial Highlights
Annual Results 

Total Revenues (₹ crores)408.26265.97285.94373.84258.97
PAT/(Loss) (₹ crores)11.66-5.8719.8731.6852.29
Diluted EPS (₹)10.08-5.0817.1854.7890.39
Book Value per Share (₹)131.72124.03128.89*229.50188.03
Equity (₹ crores)152.40143.50149.12133.11109.06

Note:- *During FY 2019-20, Bonus shares were issued in the ratio of 1 equity shares for every 1 equity share held. Which eventually increased the No of o/s shares, & hence declined the Book Value.

Quarterly Results

Total Income (₹ Crores) 114116108
EBITDA (₹Crores) 91211
PAT (₹ Crores) 251
PAT% 2%4%1%
EPS 3.865.232.95

Note: 1.EPS denotes both Basic & Diluted EPS, and the same is not annualised.

2.Above data is as per the unaudited consolidated financials of the company.

3) Business Segments of the company are:- Windoors, Coatings, Walls, Services like fabrication & installation of windows and doors.

Financial Charts

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Historical Chart

Shareholding Pattern

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Peer Comparison

CompanyMarket Cap (₹ crs.)Profitability MarginROCEROED/E ratioP/E ratioP/B RatioBook Value per Share (₹)
NCL Buildtek Ltd2463%10%8%0.6821.131.62131.72
Shree Cements Ltd7614816%16%13%0.1237.184.964853.26
NCL Industries Ltd7836%15%13%0.438.591.09163.78

Media Updates

NCL Group wins Andhra government contract worth Rs 1,863 crores

A consortium of NCL Industries Ltd. and NCL Buildtek Ltd. has received Letters of Acceptance (LOA) of bids aggregating to Rs 1,863.19 crores for supply of Pre-painted (GI) Steel Window Frame with Glazed Shutters and GI Powder-Coated Door Frames to the Andhra Pradesh State Housing Corporation Ltd.

The selection of bids was made through a rigorous closed bidding process followed by a reverse auction amongst shortlisted bidders.


Frequently Asked Questions

The buying and selling of unlisted shares and pre-IPO shares is fully legal and valid. .

The procedure to buy the NCL Buildtek unlisted shares is fairly simple. Once you have settled on the price and quantity of the transaction, you would have to transfer the funds into the bank account of the seller. 

When the funds are transferred and transaction details are shared with the seller, your demat account will be credited with the shares either on the same day of the fund transfer or before the end of the next working day. 

In the secondary market, the transactions related to unlisted shares take place with the existing owners of the shares who are generally the employees or existing investors in the company. The company itself is not directly involved. 

The NCL Buildtek shares will get credited either the same day or before the end of the next working day when you transfer the funds into our bank account.

The minimum lot size varies on the basis of market conditions and demand and supply factors. To know the current lot size for NCL Buildtek Ltd unlisted shares, please visit the stock page on our website:  

There are many factors which influence the pricing of unlisted shares. Apart from the supply and demand factors, the latest transactions happened on the same stock, last funding round of the company, and valuation level of companies of the similar size affect the pricing of the unlisted shares. 

Once the selling price and quantity of shares is agreed with us, we will provide you with an UTR number to transfer the shares. Once you have transferred the shares into our company’s demat account, funds are released into your bank account within 24 hours or before the end of the next working day of the transfer of the shares. 

If your holding period is less than 2 years, then such income is treated as business income and liable to get taxed as per tax slab of the investor. 

If your holding period is more than 2 years, then your profits would be subject to long-term capital gains tax. The current short-term capital gain tax rate is 20% after indexation.

The trading in unlisted shares is governed by Securities & Contract (Regulation) Act, 1992 which comes under the preview of SEBI.  The SEBI regulations become applicable when the stocks of the company get listed on the stock exchange. There is a minimum lock-in period of 6 months for pre-IPO investors. 

The major risk associated with investing in unlisted stocks is the liquidity risk. The possible exit route for investors is either to sell to another investor or wait till the company gets listed on the stock exchange. 

Yes, NRI’s can also buy and sell NCL Buildtek unlisted shares just like domestic investors. But their investment is on a non-repatriable basis. 

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