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Mittal Portfolio Initiative was incorporated in the year 2000 with its head office located in New Delhi. Over the past two decades, Mittal Securities has accumulated a strong and healthy market trust through a simple principle that we all follow “Earn Trust with Business”.

What We do at DelistedStocks (Mittal Portfolio Initiative): We are a leading Investment Company dealing in Delisted, Unquoted, Non-Traded Unlisted Shares & Securities. We help investors whose wealth is trapped in Delisted companies by finding appropriate buyers.


Negotiated Price

We provide you the best market price for all your unlisted shares. We identify the best available stocks using various parameters and help you invest with the least risks involved.

Liquidate ESOP Shares

Liquidating ESOP shares at regular intervals is beneficial for the company as well as the employees. We help you liquidate your ESOP shares by various methods like buyback, secondary transactions, and IPO.

Great Support

Our team of professionals is always present for any help you need. You can contact us anytime for any sort of queries or questions that you might have regarding your shares.

Resolve IEPF Shares

IEPF is a government body that allows you to claim all your unclaimed money and get them transferred to your account. We help you track down all your unclaimed shares and liquefy them into real money.

Constant News Updates

We provide you with all new stories, news, and updates about the stock market on a daily basis. This way, all our users can keep track of the current stock situation and its daily changes.

Updates on Share Prices

Is the share you are wishing to sell priced too low? Is the share you want to buy too expensive? We got you covered. The website provides you daily updates on the changing prices of all shares so you don’t miss out on any opportunities.

Mittal Portfolio | Delisted Stocks

We are a leading investment company that deals in unlisted or unquoted shares including rarely traded shares. We also specialize in resolving transfer and transmission-related issues such as obtaining duplicate share certificates, dematerializing shares still lying in certificate format, obtaining succession certificate or probate of will or letter of administration, etc. We facilitate the recovery of shares from the IEPF. Our expertise lies in identifying lesser-known companies with huge potential based on our in-house research. We unearth these hidden gems to help our clients to multiply the capital.


Our Leadership Team


Mr. Manish Mittal


Mr Manish Mittal is the CEO and co-founder of Delisted Stocks. He is a thought leader in the field of portfolio management, stock selection and risk management. The clients have multiplied their wealth after seeking his visionary and insightful advice. He is passionate about spiritualism and bringing knowledge and awareness to the masses.


Mr. Ankit Mittal

Whole Time Director

Mr Ankit Mittal is the whole-time director of Delisted Stocks, based in New Delhi. He is visionary and correctly predicted the emergence of new business trends. The clients are always eager to listen to his investment calls and pick the next multi-bagger. He is actively involved in charity activities in NCR region and concerned with how to prevent global warming and its bad effects on society.

Our Core Team

You Can Trust Us Because of...


At delisted stocks, there are no hidden charges. We deal with complete transparency so that the customer knows the exact price of their stocks in the market.

Trusted Brand with Great Experience

At delisted stocks, there are no hidden charges. We deal with complete transparency so that the customer knows the exact price of their stocks in the market.

Safe &
Fast Transaction

Since the company deals with only bank transactions, this ensures that all money exchange is safe, secure, and legitimate.

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