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How Martin and Harris Laboratories Ltd Is A Dream Share for Value Investors?

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14th July, 2022

Martin and Harris Laboratories was incorporated in 1993 having its headquarters at Gurgaon, Haryana. Martin and Harris Laboratories is an integral part and wing of the giant “Apeejay Group” one of India’s largest and biggest business multinational conglomerates. It is headed by Mrs. Sushma Paul Berlia being a co-promoter and Presidents of Apeejay Stya & Svran Group. The Martin and Harris Laboratories Limited are a few of the wealthiest pharma giants in the industry. This company has been one of the most progressive companies, as it is also aiming for its expansion internationally and it has been awarded as “Best Innovative in process and formulation development” and “Pharma Excellence Award 2018” respectively.

Martin and Harris Laboratories carries out around 52% of Pharma Business and around 48% of Derivative and Investment business. The company is engaged in manufacturing of various pharmaceutical, medicinal, chemical and botanical products. Instead of its core business, it undertook the management of its funds through investment in different avenues fetching good returns, i.e. mutual funds, equity (both quoted and unquoted).

The units of Martin and Harris Laboratories are located at Roorkee and UNA Himachal Pradesh. Thus, it is constantly taking diligent steps to modernize and expand its manufacturing units to meet the international standards.

However, with the industry being in the consumer’s eye, apart from the investments and the stocks which run in the pharmaceutical industry of Martin and Harris Laboratories, the unlisted shares form a major part of the investment commerce as well.

As the unlisted shares, primarily reside with the company’s officials company members, due to the current instauration now it’s possible to buy the pre-IPO shares or say unlisted shares of such company and then sell them at a much higher, thus making a fruitful trade. Martin and Harris Laboratories Limited is considered amongst multi-million players in the pharmaceutical industry which not just have a deep-rooted business but as well can mean to be very profitable for investors and brokers. 

It’s very important to thoroughly evaluate the pharmaceutical company you are planning to invest in, given a lot of the company’s stock valuation and major key factors depend on their clean practice and growth rate. Martin and Harris Laboratories Limited is a famous and one of the most crucial pharmacy companies, their unlisted shares is a big grab. But before that, it’s very crucial to eye the company’s – administration, progress, valuation, and account practice being clean /legal or not. 

The company has been well known for its expansion over the years and its concrete business models which are not just promising but are effective in the market segment. The administration of Martin and Harris Laboratories Limited is carried out by a bunch of experts which do not just have proficiency but are also quite skilled and experienced, thus making the company’s administration one of the major assets which the company has. 

It is also to be believed that Martin and Harris Laboratories have duly experienced major expansion and extension in their staff volume. Along with this, it has also grown over several years as the healthcare industry and pharma industry where both healthcare industry and pharma industry are given equal importance. Being a pharma company, it comes under strict importance for Martin and Harris Laboratories Limited to take into note various laws and precautions while the ship and sell of goods. However, the company’s account practice has been clean and very up to notch from past years and since its time of establishment.

The benefits of having the unlisted shares of Martin and Harris Ltd. Is that the company deals with a wide variety of services in public welfare. Thus, the business can never be off-market as there are too many roots to earn revenue from. 

However, the products and services by Martin and Harris Laboratories Limited can be listed as follows-

  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Medical drugs
  • Allopathic
  • Clopidogrel
  • Nicorandil
  • Losartan potassium
  • Metoprolol tartrate
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The total income of the company is expected at around a numeric value of INR 289.90 crores and the profit after tax (PAT) can be taken down as INR 72.44 crores respectively. However, the Martin and Harris Laboratories Limited total equity can be estimated to a value of INR 258.43 crores along with the company’s market cap which is INR 323 crores. It can be noted that during the financial year 2018-19 company’s profit after tax grew around a percentage of 67.21% compared to the previous year. Such growth was noticed just in a time period of one year. It is also assumed that the total income of the company has increased in the past 4 years. Along with which the company’s operating profit has been increasing which is again a very promising sign. The operating profit has been increasing at a CAGR of around 37.73% taking into count from the year 2016 to 2019.


Martin and Harris Laboratories Ltd cash flows have been rapidly reduced since the past two years. The same has happened due to a reduction in short term liabilities. The pharma company does have various branches of their own widespread within the country and the Martin and Harris Laboratories Limited are preparing their international exports in the coming years. Thus, the company is going to climb the globe and inflate its domain.  [Click here to know more about Martin & Harris Laboratories Ltd share price]

And to the delight of all the investors, the sales and export of all of these are expected to grow at a growth rate of 30 percent and are predicted to reach a value of US $100 billion by 2025. By the way, the Indian pharmaceutical sector is also anticipated to take a higher peak of the graph and show a growth of around Us $100 billion, while the medical device market alone is likely to be subjected to the growth of around US $ 25 billion by the year 2025.

At the same time as export is the key part of any business or trade, the exports including bulk drugs, drug formulations, Biomed, and traditionally made Indian herbs and Ayurveda stand at a value of US$ 20.70 billion, taken in the record as of the year 2020.

Tell us in the comments section below whether you would like to invest in Martin & Harris Laboratories Ltd unlisted shares.

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