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Company Overview

The Scottish Assam (India) Ltd is a non-profit organization founded in 1977 based in Kolkata, India. The Scottish Assam (India) Ltd is engaged in the business of growing, manufacturing and marketing of teas produced in its Tea Estate named as Heeleakah Tea Estate District Jorhat (Assam). The company is engaged in the business of producing CTC varieties of tea and are popular with customers in the Indian domestic market under the brand name of Heeleakah.

The company started making teas from acquired leaf labeled ‘Dhopatbari,’ and it has been a success since then.


It is gratifying to report that the production for the financial year was 13.44 Lacs kgs. being 0.10 Lacs kgs. higher than the previous year’s production of 13.34 Lacs kgs. The Company’s focus has always been to produce quality teas which command a premium. The average price realization for the year was the same as the previous year. Tea Prices which opened with good demand during the current season & at the year end the prices were lower than the last year. 

The Company performed profitably in its tea operations; however, the corporate loss reported is due to the drop in mark-to-market value of the company’s large investments. The Company continued with its development programme in the field and factory to improve productivity and quality of teas. The uprooting and replanting of old plant tea areas also continue as per programme to ensure better yields and crops.


The Scottish Assam extract of unaudited financial results 30 September 2022. The results can be seen as under:

The Scottish Assam (India) Ltd Extract Audited Financial Results for the Quarter and Year ended 31st March 2022

    • Teas are no exception, with today’s tea industry demand focusing on exotic and mixed flavors of teas that are both novel and pleasant. 
    • As customer demands for innovation grow, RTD, sparkling teas, and flavored tea consumption habits are on the rise.
    • New flavors like ginger, lemon, and cardamom are progressively attracting consumers’ attention. In recent years, herbal tea has gained in popularity.
    • Consumers in India are increasingly concerned about their health and fitness. They are more knowledgeable and aware of the advantages of tea. 
    • People’s preferences have changed, and they are now willing to spend more for high-quality goods.
    • The notion of dedicated tea cafes and lounges is gaining traction and is quickly becoming a favorite hangout for young people.

Symbol:The Scottish Assam (India) Ltd
Face Value (₹):10
Demat Status:NSDL & CDSL BOTH
Lot Size:50

Board of Directors:

Mr. Dhirendra KumarDirectorNA Final 1
Ms. Shashi KumarDirectorNA Final 1
Ms. Divya JalanDirectorNA Final 1
Mr. Hemant Kumar AgrawalDirectorNA Final 1
Mr. Golam MomenIndependent DirectorNA Final 1
Mr. Ghanshyam Das GuptaIndependent DirectorNA Final 1
Mr. Naveen BansalIndependent DirectorNA Final 1
Mr. Gaurav GuptaIndependent DirectorNA Final 1

Key Business Highlights of The Scottish Assam 

  • In FY 2020, the company’s total production of tea was 15.96 lakh kgs, which includes 2.52 lakh kgs produced from bought leaves.
  • Revenue from Operations of the company remained stable from Rs. 3,148 lakhs in FY 2020 to Rs. 3,150.74 lakhs in FY 2021.
  • The EBITDA of the company turned from a loss of Rs. 261.33 lakhs in FY 2020 to a profit of Rs. 570.23 lakhs in FY 2021.
  • The company turned profitable again in FY 2021 and made a profit of Rs. 1,419.56 lakhs as against a loss of Rs. 416.26 lakhs in FY 2020.
  • The current ratio of the company as on 31st Mar, 2020 was 0.53
  • The total borrowings of the company as on 31st Mar, 2021 was Rs. 396.58 lakhs.
  • The debt to equity ratio of the company as on 31st Mar, 2021 was 0.07
  • The Scottish Assam (India) ltd. has given a dividend of Rs. 4 per equity shares for FY 2020.


Operating Margin12%30%
Net Profit Margin9%27%
Return on Equity 6%18%
Current Ratio0.800.71
Dividend Payout17%4%

Note:- Dividend payout = Total Dividend/Net Income.

It indicates, how much % of its Net Income, the company is paying out as dividend to its Shareholders.

Financial Highlights 

Total Income (₹ Crores) 42.9443.5331.5732.66
PAT (₹ Crores) 11.4914.20-4.164.90
Basic & Diluted EPS 143.65177.45-52.0361.26
Book Value per Share (₹) 817.26673.71503.52561.22
Equity (₹ Crores) 65.3853.9040.2844.90

Financial Charts

Peer Comparison

CompanyMarket Cap (₹ Crores)Profitability Margin (%)ROCE (%)ROE (%)D/E RatioP/E RatioP/B RatioBook Value per Share (₹)
The Scottish Assam (India) Ltd519%7%6%0.0913.130.74856.07
Diana Tea Company Ltd41-4%-1%-4%0.510.000.6045.00
Terai Tea Co Ltd492%2%1%0.2510.500.34212.00

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Frequently Asked Questions

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In the secondary market, the transactions related to unlisted shares take place with the existing owners of the shares who are generally the employees or existing investors in the company. The company itself is not directly involved.  

The Scottish Assam India shares will get credited either the same day or before the end of the next working day when you transfer the funds into our bank account.

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The major risk associated with investing in unlisted stocks is the liquidity risk. The possible exit route for investors is either to sell to another investor or wait till the company gets listed on the stock exchange. 

Yes, NRI’s can also buy and sell Scottish Assam India unlisted shares just like domestic investors. But their investment is on a non-repatriable basis. 

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