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Gifting is a crucial element of every bond, it is a gesture to show love and make our loved ones feel special, gifts are always thoughtful and have emotions involved. Everyone wants their heartiest to always grow and move in the right direction and hereby we present you “GIFT FOR LIFE”. A gift that will motivate everyone to invest and grow. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Festivals and all other special occasions are a great time to show what they mean to you and how much you would want to see them prosper in life.

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What Is Gift For Life

Gift For Life is a redeemable gift voucher for buying unlisted shares, with an aim to motivate people to invest and become future investment tycoons. This can be a delightful and meaningful present to our dear ones who are already into investing and love investing, whom we want to bloom a flourishing future, whom we would want to start investing and develop this good habit. Gifting flowers, clothes, accessories etc was a good choice then but these presents do not have a good future potential, gifting an appreciable asset and financial security is anytime a wise and superior choice.


Motivates people to invest in unlisted shares and helps them to educate and explore more about the hidden gems 'unlisted shares'.

It has a vast growth potential and gives us bestowing returns unlike the ordinary gifts like clothes, accessories flowers and the like.

Unlisted shares are valuable and prominent in India and these are no longer confined to the chosen ones, everyone can now invest and relish the wonders of the unbelievable returns.

Process And Details

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For buying this voucher, you just have to decide the amount of the voucher and pick the perfect material variant you would want to gift. Click on 'Buy Now' button mentioned below, thereafter you will be connected to our operators for the process of placing order and payment for the gift voucher.

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For the person who has received the voucher as a gift, he shall connect with our team via WhatsApp or Call to unlock the treasure of top unlisted shares and redeem the amount on the coupon by buying unlisted shares. The redemption process is further explained in detail below.

There Are Three Variants Of ‘Gift For Life’

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If you pick this variant then you will receive an E-coupon on your Mail and WhatsApp. Thereafter you can forward this magical token to the person whom you want to gift it. (No Handling Charges to be charged)

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If you opt for this variant then you will receive a soft tangible coupon delivered at the doorstep of the address provided and the coupon will also land to your mail id and WhatsApp too. (Handling Charges for this Coupon will be Rs.30)

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Gift Card

If you decide on this variant then you will receive a solid and sturdy card (just like any other ATM card) delivered at the doorstep of address so provided and the card will also Land to your mail id and WhatsApp.(Handling charges for this card will be Rs.80)

Redemption Process

Just few steps to new flight of success

As soon as the Gift For Life Voucher is received as a gift, the receiver should just Call or WhatsApp on the number inscribed at the back/bottom of the voucher to unlock endless opportunities all at your fingertips.

Our skilled team will then assist and guide you with the most valuable stocks in unlisted market and help you lock the best deal.


As the deal reaches its conclusion, the bill will be generated by the purchase of voucher holder, the amount on the coupon will be deducted from the bill and the remaining amount has to be paid by the voucher holder who is redeeming the voucher. It will be followed by the documentation process and voila, let the journey of joy begin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gift of any amount received from the following people is exempt: 

  • Spouse of the person.
  • Father/Mother, Brother/Sister, Grandfather/grandmother, Son/Daughter, Grandson/Granddaughter of the person or any lineal ascendant/descendant of the person.
  • Brother/Sister, Father/Mother or any lineal ascendant/descendant of the spouse of the person.

Gift received upto Rs.50000 is exempt, if the amount exceeds Rs.50000 then the whole amount will be taxable in hands of receiver.

On occasion on marriage if a person gifts even in lakhs or crores then too the amount will be exempt. And similarly in case of inheritance and will any amount recieved will be exempt from taxation.

The voucher can be redeemed within 30 days of the purchase date of the coupon. After 30 days, the voucher becomes invalid and holds no value. 

You can only redeem this coupon by buying Unlisted Share from us. 

It might take 2-3 days only for the voucher to reach your hands, and in case of E-coupon it will just take a an hour or two for this voucher to reach your mailbox. 

The minimum Voucher can be made of Rs.1100 and maximum amount can go upto Rs.1 crore. 

Payment will be accepted through UPI, Net Banking and all other online mode of payments  

Yes, if the customer wants some particular background, customer can provide with the background image which he wants and it will be customized. ( it might cost some minimal charges too)

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