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Company NameBuySellLink
Amol Minechim Ltd- (Old Name - Amol Dilicalite Limited) Unlisted Shares525.00N/ALive Chat
Anheuser Busch Inbev India Limited Unlisted Shares330.00375.00Live Chat
Anugraha Valve Castings Limited Unlisted Shares240.00275.00Live Chat
API Holdings (PharmEasy) Limited Unlisted Shares7.5011.00Live Chat
Aricent Technologies (Holding) Limited Unlisted SharesConverted into capgeminiConverted into capgeminiLive Chat
Assam Carbon Limited Unquoted Shares(Listed with CSE)190.00229.00Live Chat
Auckland International Limited Unquoted Shares(Listed with CSE)80.00120.00Live Chat
Axles India Limited Unlisted Shares215.00255.00Live Chat
B9 Beverages (Bira Beer) Limited Unlisted Shares 565.00645.00Live Chat
Bharat Hotels Limited Unlisted Shares175.00245.00Live Chat
Bharat Nidhi Limited Unlisted Shares8,3509,650Live Chat
Bvg India Limited Unlisted Shares (DRHP Filed)910985Live Chat
C&S Electric Limited Unlisted Shares475.00635.00Live Chat
Calcutta Security Printers Limited Unquoted Shares(Listed with CSE)N/AN/ALive Chat
Calcutta Stock Exchange Limited Unlisted Shares450.00645.00Live Chat
Camac Commercial Company Limited Unlisted Shares24,10031990.00Live Chat
Capgemini Technologies Limited Unlisted Shares10,05011,200Live Chat
Capital Small Finance Bank Limited Unlisted Shares (DRHP Filed)355.00410.00Live Chat
Carrier Airconditioning & Refrigeration Limited Unlisted Shares270.00N/ALive Chat
Chennai Super Kings (CSK) Limited Unlisted Shares155.00174.00Live Chat
Cochin Int. Airport (CIAL) Limited Unlisted Shares177.00193.00Live Chat
CTR Manufacturing Industries Limited Unlisted SharesN/AN/ALive Chat
Deepak Industries Limited Unlisted Shares650.00N/ALive Chat
Digvijay Finlease Limited Unlisted Shares1,5051,745Live Chat
DSE Estates Limited
(Formerly Delhi Stock Exchange Ltd)
8.5014.50Live Chat
Elcid Investment Limited Unquoted Shares(Listed with BSE)141000.00154000.00Live Chat
Electrosteel Steels Limited (ESL Steel) Unlisted Shares27.0031.00Live Chat
Elofic Industries Limited Unlisted Shares1805.002265.00Live Chat
Fino Paytech Limited Unlisted Shares135.00149.00Live Chat
Frick India Limited Unqouted Shares(Listed with MSE)5,100N/ALive Chat
Gkn Driveline(India) Limited Unlisted Shares1,0251,265Live Chat
HDB Financial Services Limited Unquoted Shares640.00675.00Live Chat
HDFC Securities Limited Unquoted Shares10,35010,990Live Chat
Hero Fincorp Limited Unquoted Shares1135.001,220Live Chat
Hexaware Limited Unquoted Shares580.00630.00Live Chat
Hicks Thermometers India Limited Unlisted Shares1700.002170.00Live Chat
Hindustan Times Limited Unlisted Shares610.00795.00Live Chat
Honeywell Electrical Devices & Systems India Limited Unlisted Shares3525.004390.00Live Chat
Hutti Gold Mines Company Limited Unlisted Shares45,000N/ALive Chat
India Carbon Limited Unquoted Shares(Listed with CSE)630.00930.00Live Chat
Indian Commodity Exchange (ICEX) Limited Unlisted Shares3.754.90Live Chat
Indofil Industries Limited Unlisted Shares630.00670.00Live Chat
Inkel Limited Unlisted Shares9.5012.75Live Chat
Jk Investo Trade India Limited Unlisted SharesN/AN/ALive Chat
John Oakey & Mohan Limited Unquoted Shares(Listed with MSE)120.00175.00Live Chat
Kannur International Airport Limited Unlisted Shares90.0099.00Live Chat
Kurl-On Enterprise Limited Unlisted SharesN/A635.00Live Chat
Kurl-On Limited Unlisted Shares480.00535.00Live Chat
Kusum Industrial Gases Limited Unquoted Shares(Listed with CSE )N/AN/ALive Chat
Lava International Limited Unlisted Shares (DRHP Withdrawn)83.0097.00Live Chat
Manjushree Technopack India Limited Unlisted Shares9151255.00Live Chat
Martin And Harris Laboratories Limited Unlisted Shares1010.001170.00Live Chat
Merino Industries Limited Unlisted Shares2,8053,050Live Chat
Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India (MSEI) Limited Unlisted Shares0.750.95Live Chat
Mil Industries Limited Unlisted Shares210.00255.00Live Chat
Milton Cycle Industries Limited Unlisted Shares122.00159.00Live Chat
Mkcl(Mah Knowledge Co. Ltd.) Limited Unlisted Shares355.00440.00Live Chat
Mohan Meakin Limited Unlisted Shares1,5651,685Live Chat
Mohindra Fasteners Limited Unquoted Shares(Listed with MSE)182.00225.00Live Chat
Motilal Oswal Home Finance Limited Unlisted Shares7.509.75Live Chat
Mysore Paints and Varnishes Limited Unlisted Shares805.00975.00Live Chat
Naraingarh Sugar Mills Limited Unlisted Shares4.009.00Live Chat
National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India Limited Unlisted Shares3050 (T&C Apply)3450 (T&C Apply)Live Chat
Nayara Energy Limited (Formely Essar Oil) Unlisted Shares240.00285.00Live Chat
Ncl Buildtek Limited (Formerly Ncl Alltek & Seccolor Ltd) Unquoted Shares205.00218.00Live Chat
Ncl Holdings (A&S) Limited Unquoted Shares62.0069.00Live Chat
Otis Elevators Limited Unlisted Shares3,6103,990Live Chat
Oravel Stays Limited | OYO Unlisted Shares (DRHP File)65.0077.00Live Chat
Parry Agro Industries Limited Unlisted Shares330.00N/ALive Chat
Pb Global Limited Unqouted Share(Listed with BSE)21.00N/ALive Chat
Philips Domestic Appliances Limited Unlisted Shares560.00610.00Live Chat
Philips India Limited Unlisted Shares815925Live Chat
Pnb Finance & Industries Limited Unlisted Shares5,1006,300Live Chat
Premier Cryogenics Limited Unquoted Shares(Listed with CSE)N/AN/ALive Chat
Proyuga Advanced Technologies Limited Unlisted Shares24.0039.00Live Chat
Rama Raju Surgical Cotton Mills Limited Unlisted Shares290.00345.00Live Chat
Reliance Retail Share Price Limited Unlisted Shares1,2051,495Live Chat
Care Health Insurance Ltd
(Formerly Religare Health Insurance Ltd)
165.00178.00Live Chat
Resins & Plastics Limited Unlisted Shares375.00430.00Live Chat
Ring Plus Aqua Limited Unlisted Shares380.00425.00Live Chat
Roots Multiclean Limited Unlisted Shares2550.003300.00Live Chat
Rydak Syndicate Limited Unlisted Shares375.00460.00Live Chat
San Engineering And Locomotive Company Limited Unlisted Shares500.00690.00Live Chat
Shivalik Agro Poly Products Limited Unlisted Shares815.001195.00Live Chat
Sigachi Laboratories Limited Unlisted Shares18.0036.00Live Chat
Signify Innovations Limited Unlisted Shares1365.001690.00Live Chat
Silverline Technologies Limited Unlisted Shares6.009.50Live Chat
Smile Microfinance Limited Unlisted Shares 41.0067.00Live Chat
Sterlite Power Transmission Limited Unlisted Shares (DRHP Filed)505.00560.00Live Chat
Studds Accessories Limited Unlisted Shares820.00875.00Live Chat
Taparia Tools Limited Unlisted Shares600 (Ex Bonus)N/ALive Chat
Tata Technologies Limited Unlisted Shares (DRHP Filed)870.00965.00Live Chat
The Midland Rubber & Produce Co Limited Unlisted SharesN/AN/ALive Chat
The Scottish Assam (India) Limited Unquoted Shares(Listed with CSE)430.00635.00Live Chat
U.P.Asbestos Limited Unlisted Shares 55.0078.00Live Chat
Xerox India Limited Unlisted Shares90.00138.00Live Chat
TRL Krosaki Refractories Limited Unlisted Shares1020.001445.00Live Chat
Eastern Investments Limited Unquoted Shares(Listed with CSE)2200.002790.00Live Chat
ICL Fincorp Limited Unlisted Shares19.5025.50Live Chat
Fincare Small Finance Limited Unlisted Shares (DRHP Filed)160.00195.00Live Chat
Hira Ferro Alloys Limited Unlisted Shares130.00195.00Live Chat
The Mysore Paper Mills Limited Unquoted Shares(Listed with BSE )8.0013.00Live Chat
IXIGO (Le Travenues Technology Ltd) Unlisted Shares (DRHP Withdrawn)94.0095.00Live Chat
Arohan Financial Service Limited (DRHP Filed)130.00188.00Live Chat
One Mobikwik Systems Limited Unlisted Shares (DRHP Filed)300.00345.00Live Chat
Orbis Financial Corporation Limited110.00126.00Live Chat
Boat (Imagine Marketing Limited)840.00920.00Live Chat
Jolly board Limited10100.0014790.00Live Chat
Shah Construction Company Limited(Listed with BSE )N/AN/ALive Chat
SBI Home Finance Limited Unlisted Shares 32.0049.00Live Chat
Tata Capital LTD Unlisted Shares395.00445.00Live Chat
Lakeshore Hospital Unlisted Shares46.00N/ALive Chat
Utkarsh CoreInvest Unlisted Shares170.00199.00Live Chat
IKF Finance Unlisted SharesN/A220.00Live Chat
Bhatkawa Tea Unlisted Shares105.00N/ALive Chat
Inox Leasing Unlisted Shares1900.002190.00Live Chat
Hella India Lighting Limited (HILL) Unlisted Shares840.00935.00Live Chat
Waaree Energies Ltd. Unlisted Shares700.00795.00Live Chat
Sri Vishnu Shankar Mill Ltd Unlisted Shares305.00N/ALive Chat
Paymate Company Unlisted Shares280.00345.00Live Chat
Sandhya Spinning Unlisted SharesN/AN/ALive Chat
Polymatech Unlisted Shares415.00470.00Live Chat